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Chapter 2

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University of Ottawa
Carolyn Gordon

Chapter 2 Lecture CriminologyCrimeDeviance1973 Homosexuality was not acceptable Tennessee United State you cannot sell Bologna on SundayLaws can be very strict regarding various public issues throughout the worldScotland the public are not allowed to be drunkRelative toPlacesocial context sporting eventssocial statuswho you are celebrityAgedepending on a person age things may seem devianceBetter legal advisor Most people commit a small crimestealing extra food from workunderage drinking and smokingnot claiming all money earned on taxesrevenue canadaUs vs ThemSocial Constructed problems The Moral PanicHow do laws get createdWhat is a moral panicoccurs when a condition episode person or group of people is dened as a threat to societal values and interestex parents against video gamespromotes violence to childrenMoral entrepreneurs formal organization that try to convince society of a problem individual or groupex MADD Canada Al Gore tobacco groupsFolk devils group targeted by the moral panic ones to blame for moral panicex immigrants taking away jobs from othersSex bracelets Halloween candy that apparently killed a boy created fear and a panic in societyWhat is SEXTING Sending naked photos to other teenagersDo you think Sexting is becoming a serious problem NoIf someone circulates a nude photo of an individual under the age of 17 should any formal action be takenShould the offender be put under as a sex offender Why or why notmorally not properThe Criminology Justice SystemWhat is Social ControlThe various types of organized reaction to behaviour viewed as problematic What is the CJsA vast network of organizations and facilities charged with the
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