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Chapter 2

CRM 1300 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Canada Revenue Agency, Moral Panic, Sexting

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CRM 1300
Carolyn Gordon

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Chapter 2 Lecture Criminology
Crime & Deviance
* 1973 Homosexuality was not acceptable
* Tennessee United State you cannot sell Bologna on Sunday
* Laws can be very strict regarding various public issues throughout the world
* Scotland the public are not allowed to be drunk
* Relative to:
- Place
- social context (sporting events)
- social status(who you are? celebrity)
- Age(depending on a person age things may seem deviance
- Better legal advisor
* Most people commit a small crime
- stealing extra food from work
- underage drinking and smoking
- not claiming all money earned on taxes(revenue canada)
- Us vs. Them
Social Constructed problems: The Moral Panic
* How do laws get created?
* What is a moral panic
- occurs when a condition, episode, person or group of people is defined as a threat to
societal values and interest
ex: parents against video games(promotes violence to children)
- Moral entrepreneurs (formal organization that try to convince society of a problem,
individual or group)
ex: MADD Canada, Al Gore, tobacco groups
- Folk devils: group targeted by the moral panic (ones to blame for moral panic)
- ex: immigrants taking away jobs from others
- Sex bracelets, Halloween candy that apparently killed a boy> created fear and a panic
in society
- What is ‘SEXTING’? Sending naked photos to other teenagers.
- Do you think ‘Sexting’ is becoming a serious problem? No
* If someone circulates a nude photo of an individual under the age of 17, should any
formal action be taken?
-Should the offender be put under as a sex offender. Why or why not?
-morally not proper
The Criminology Justice System
* What is Social Control?
- The various types of organized reaction to behaviour viewed as problematic
* What is the CJs?
-A vast network of organizations and facilities charged with the:
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