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Denise Fidia

Literary Terms Plot: “arrangement of the incidents” – Aristotle, the unfolding of action with an emphasis on causality, involves conflict- types? Plot line- exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution Character/Characterization – imaginary persons appearing in a literary work, methods: description of character through direct exposition, presentation of the character in action or dialogue, with little comment by narrator, representation of the impact of actions and emotions on the character’s inner self Setting: the time the place and/or period in which the action takes place, contributes to portrayal of character, mood of the story, overall theme Narrative point of view: the perspective from which the story is told, who is telling the story? (Storyteller = narrator) Types: first person- narrator inside the action of the story (“I”), third person- Narrator outside the action of the story, i. omniscient- narrator all-knowing, ii. Limited/subjective- narrator limits perspective to one character Symbol – an object, gesture, person, or event that evokes a meaning larger than itself Types: 1) Public Literary symbol – clearly established in meaning within a particular culture 2) Private literary symbol- meaning established from the story itself Chronology –
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