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Chapter 3

ENG1131 Chapter 3 Notes

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University of Ottawa
David Sacks

Chapter 3 – Test 1 Elements of a Business Letter 1. Company letterhead or return address Your company address at the top of the letter 2. Date 3. Inside address Readers name, title, company, full company address 4. Attention line Directs the letter to the appropriate person, but indicates that others may also deal with it. 5. Salutation 6. Subject line Simple heading in capital letters. Can replace salutation or be put below it. 7. Body 8. Complimentary close 9. Signature and signature block 10.Reference initials Typists initials appear at the bottom left of the page. SENDER:typist 11.Enclosures 12.Copies 13.Page headings Additional pages identified by a header that includes the name of the recipient, the date, page number. Guidelines for All Correspondence 1. Keep to one topic 2. Be brief 3. Make sure the information is complete 4. Keep the focus “you-centered” 5. Be positive The Direct Approach 1. Put the most important points first 2. Give supporting details 3. End with a goodwill statement Routine Requ
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