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Chapter 23

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Environmental Studies
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ENV 1101
Sonia Wesche

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Chapter 23: Sustainable Solutions
Sustainable development:
- Sustainable development entails environmental protection, economic
development and social justice
- Proponents of sustainable development feel that economic development and
environmental quality can enhance one another
Environmental Protection is compatible with promoting economic welfare:
- Environmental protection and green technologies and industries can create rich
sources of new jobs
- Protecting environmental quality enhances a community’s desirability and
Key Approaches to Designing sustainable solution:
- Approaches that can inspire sustainable solutions include refining our ideas about
quality of life, reducing unnecessary consumption, limiting population growth,
encouraging green technologies, mimicking natural systems, thinking long-term,
enhancing local self sufficiency, being politically active, voting with our wallets,
and promoting research and education
- Growth in population and per capita consumption will likely need to be halted if
we are to create a sustainable society
- Technology has traditionally increased environmental impact, but new green
technologies can help reduce impact
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