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Environmental Studies
Sonia Wesche

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Environmental ScienceEnvironment our environment consists of everything around us including living and nonliving things Humans are a part of the environment and are not separate from it ResourcesResources from nature are essential to human life and civilizationSome resources are inexhaustible or perpetually renewable others are nonrenewable and still others are renewable if we are careful no to exploit them at too fast a rateHardin articulated the concept of carrying capacity the number of individuals that can be sustained by a given area of productive land Wackernagel and Rees pioneered the idea of the ecological footprint a measure of the amount of productive land it would take to support an individual at a certain level of consumption The Interdisciplinary nature of environmental scienceEnvironmental science used the approaches and insights of numerous disciplines from the natural sciences and the social sciencesThe Scientific Method and how it OperatesScience is a process of using observations to test ideasThe scientific method consists of a series of steps including making observations formulating questions stating a hypothesis generating predictions testing predictions and analyzing the results obtained from the testsThe scientific method has many variations and th
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