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Chapter 5

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Environmental Studies
Sonia Wesche

Chapter 5 Earth Systems and Ecosystems EcologyThe Nature of Environmental SystemsSystems are networks of interacting components that generally involve feedback loops show dynamic equilibrium and result in emergent propertiesEarths natural systems are complex so environmental scientists often take a holistic approach to studying environmental systemsBecause environmental systems overlap and interact ones delineation of systems depends on the questions in which one is interestedPlate Tectonics and the Rock CycleMatter is cycled within the lithosphere and rocks transform from one type to anotherPlate tectonics is a fundamental system that produces earthquakes and volcanoes and guides Earths physical geography Ecosystems and how living and nonliving entities interact in ecosystemlevel ecologyEcosystems consist of all organisms and non living entities that occur and interact in a particular are at the same timeEnergy flows in one direction through ecosystems whereas matter is recycledEnergy is converted to biomass and ecosystems vary in their productivityInput of nutrients can boot productivity but an excess of nutrients can alter ecosystems in ways that cause severe ecological and economic consequences Fundamentals of Landscape EcologyLandscape ecology studies how landscape structure influences organismsLandscapes consist of patches spatially arrayed in a mosaic Organisms dependent n certain types of patches may occur in metapopulations Remot
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