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Chapter 0

FEM 3108 Chapter Notes - Chapter 0: Indian Act, Traditional Knowledge

Women's Studies
Course Code
FEM 3108
Claudette Commanda

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First Words
Thunders/Thunder Beings: very important spirit beings to many FN people
oSpring is here when Thunders return
Pat called “angry” at “feminist” conferences, and she has reasons to be angry, but has
replaced image of anger with image of thunder
Most FN people don’t have access to journals, even though rates of post-secondary
involvement have increased since 1979
oNo law libraries in FN reserves
oFN people has least access to Pat’s published articles
Words “Native, Aboriginal, or FN” did not feel right – “Indian” felt better because it’s
oUsed to like “FN” but it is exclusionary to non-status Indians
o“Aboriginal people/Peoples” is most common in legal circles (origin is the 1982
constitutional amendments)
oPat wants to reclaim “Indian”
She grew up as a person entitled under the Indian Act
Pat uses her husband’s Cree name and her Mohawk name to show that she’s related to
First article Pat published changed her life – many people she hadn’t met knew her; they
felt they knew her in a personal way
oShe became “Flint Woman” from her article
There are three other articles grouped into the “Flint Woman” series that are meant to all
be read together
Second “Flint Woman” piece, “Reflecting on Flint Woman” was written when she had to
republish her first “Flint Woman”, but she had changed so much that she didn’t want to
republish the first one
oShe felt that “Reflecting on Flint Woman” was too technical, it didn’t show the
personal side
Her first and second “Flint Woman” pieces are only personally complete when they are
read together with her third “Flint Woman” piece
Her fourth “Flint Woman” article has never been published but still belongs in the series
oFour is an important number in the Indian world (four directions, four seasons,
four ends a cycle)
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