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Chapter 5-7

Notes on Ch. 5-7 from Movies and Meaning Textbook.

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University of Ottawa
Film Studies
Gary Evans

October 10 , 2013 Notes on Reading Chapter 5: Editing  Nonlinear editing system: computer-based, for digital video giving editor easy access to any frame/shot etc. anywhere in existing footage. linear system= old fashioned (prior to 1990s) manual approach  Types of Visual Transitions: o Cut: Complete change from one image/shot to another o Dissolve: As one shot fades to black, the next begins to appear on top of it (moment of superimposition) o Fade: indicates substantial change of time or place. First shot fades entirely to black  Functions of Editing: Continuity, finding Dramatic Foucs, adding or changing Tempo and Mood, Narration/P.O.V  Parallel action: only achieved thru editing  Filming/Editing Rules: o Eyeline Match (for conversations), Master Shot (sets the whole seen for veiewers contextual understanding), Shot-Reverse-Shot Series (used in dialogue, back and forth, over speakers shoulder), 180-degree Rule (camera must not cross the line, right-left coordination must remain consistent)  Alternatives to Continuity Editing: o Jump Cuts (abrupt breaks, omitting portions of an ongoing action) o Montage  Sequence Shots (aka. Long take) Chapter 6: Sound Design  Types of Sound: o Dialogue (speech, voice over narration), ADR (automated dialogue replacing) o Sound Effects (Foley artists) o Music  Functions of Movie Music: Adding emotional meaning, Background filler, creating continuity, emphasizing climaxes  Codes of Sound Design: o Sound Hierarchy: Dialogue, volume effects and music are softer o Sound Perspective: The ways that sound conveys properties of the physical spaces seen on screen o Sound Bridges: Dialogue or sound effects carry over one scene to the next o Off-S
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