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Chapter 5

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Chapter FiveNutrition Healthy Eating hunger the feeling associated with the physiological need to eat appetite the desire to eat often more psychologic than physiologicalwe often eat because of appetite not because we are hungryappetite can be triggered by smell taste tme of day special occasions fav foods etcfinding the right balance between eating to maintain body functions eating to live and eating to satisfy our appetite is a problem for many as overweight people are becoming more popular many factors influenc when we eat what we eat why we eat where we eat and how much we eat social pressures fam traditions socal events that involve food and busy schedules influence the quality and quantity of dietary intakenutrition is the science that investigates the relationship between physiological function and the elements of the foods we eatnutrients are the constituents of food that sustain us physiologically water proteins carbs fats vitamins and minerals Monitoring Calories a calorie is a unit of measure that indicates the amount of energy obtained from a particular foodcalories are eaten in the form of proteins fats and carbs3 of the basic nutrients necessary for life vitamin minerals and water do not contribute calories although they provide vital functionsexcess calorie consumption is a major factor in gaining weighthigh concentration of fats in the Canadian diet that causes obesity particularly saturated largely animal fats and trans fats produced when polyunsaturated oils are hydrogenatedthat most likely increase risk for various chronic diseases including heart diseaseEating well with Canadas Food guide main objectives were to promote healthy eating prevent nutritional deficiencies and improve the health of Canadians while recognizing the impact of wartime food rationingthe name of it now is Eating well with Canadas food guide 2007it was created to promote a pattern of eating to meet nutrient needs promote health minimize the risk of chronic disease the new objectives of the food guide are to describe a pattern of eating sufficient to meet nutrient needs describe a pattern of eating that reduces risk of nutrition related health problems describe a pattern of eating that supports the achievement and maintenance of a healthy body weight support Canadians awareness and understanding of what constitutes a pattern of healthy eating
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