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Chapter 3

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Health Sciences
Kerry- Ann Hogan

Chapter 3 Understanding and Coping With Life Stressors Stress Our mental and physical responses to the demands placed upon usin itself stress is neither positive or negativeour response to it can be positive or negativeStressor a physical social or mental event or condition that forces us our minds and body to adjustcope to itAdjustment is the attempt to cope with a situationStrain is the wear and tear on the body and mind that may occur during adjustment to a stressorStresscan provide opportunities for personal growth and lead to personal satisfactionEustress positive stress that results from positive situationseg getting married starting a careerDistressnegative stress eg financial problems illnessThe MindBody Connection Physical ResponsesThe longterm effects of stress on body systems can be devastatingWhen Stress is Experienced the complex intricacies of physical and emotional reactions to it cause the body to wear down over time diease of prolonged arousalStress and Impaired Immunity Although prlonged stress responses provide solid evidence of directindirect impacton body organs Reasearchers seek more answers regarding physiological mechanisms leading to specific dieasesCalledPsychoneuroimmunology PNIScience of the interaction between the mind and body in particular with the immune systemFocuses onhypothesis of studyng periods of prolonged stressaffecting elevated levels ofadrenal hormones cortisol and therefore reducing destroying ability of white blood cellswhich combat illness
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