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Chapter 16

HSS 1101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 16: Spontaneous Remission, Chiropractic, Alternative Medicine

Health Sciences
Course Code
HSS 1101
Tien Nguyen

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Becoming a Wise Consumer of Health Services
Making Informed Health-Care Choices
Financing health care
Predominantly publicly funded in Canada
Medicare: provincial, territorial insurance plans
Universal, comprehensive coverage
Hospital, inpaent & outpaent physician services
All principles linked at federal level
Accepng responsibility for your health care
Disparies in access to uninsured services
Learn: how, where, when to enter system
To obtain needed care
Know about self-care, its limits
Why some false claims may seem true
Spontaneous remission
Disappearance of symptoms without any treatment
Placebo e(ect
Apparent cure or improved state of health
By product with no medicinal value
Evaluang online medical resources
Who runs the site?
Who pays for the site?
The purpose of the site?
Where does the informaon come from?
The basis of the informaon?
How is the informaon selected?
How current is the informaon?
How does site choose other sites?
What informaon does site collect, why?
How does site interact with visiters?
Self-Help or Self-Care
When to seek help
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