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Chapter 9

HSS 1101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Video Lottery Terminal, Substance Abuse, Dieting

Health Sciences
Course Code
HSS 1101
Tien Nguyen

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Determinants of Health
Drug, Use, and Abuse
Drug use: taking drug, as intended
Drug misuse: taking drug, not prescribe
Drug abuse: excessive use of drug
Individual response: set and seng
Response to drug is inuenced by
One internal environment (set)
Total external environment (se"ng)
De#ning Addic$on
Addic$on: persistent dependence on behaviour, substance
Aspect of addic$on include
Excessive use a substance, behaviour
Persistent desire to reduce, control use
Frequent incapacita$on due to use
Substance, behaviour: to avoid withdrawal symptoms
The physiology of addicon
Neurotransmi-ers inuence receptor cites (nerve cells)
Tolerance: larger dose, to obtain desired e.ects
Withdrawal: drug causes an e.ect the body creates itself
The addicve process
Nurturing through avoidance: maladap$ve emo$onally
Behaviours or drug no longer pleasurable
S$ll preferable to unhappy
The signs of addicon
Loss of control
Nega$ve consequences
Addic$ve Behaviours
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