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Chapter 4

HSS 3332 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Systematic Review, Cumin

Health Sciences
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HSS 3332
Sarah Fraser

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Systematic Review (Cumin et al., 2013)
1. What was the goal of the systematic review?
a. To determine the current status of simulation-based team training involving full
OR teams
2. The review focused on what particular factors?
a. Affiliation of the primary author such that the number of active research groups
could be estimated
b. Number and composition of participants and teams involved in the simulations
c. Types of scenarios and training provided
d. The environment and details of the simulators used
e. Outcome measures of the study
f. Indications of barriers to conducting simulation for full OR teams
3. What were the most common simulation scenarios used in the programs reported in
this review?
a. Simulations for health care teams involving participants from disciplines outside
the OR or incomplete OR teams
b. Simulation with individual participants
4. Of the articles reported almost half did _______________ integration while none did
________________ integration. (Fill in the blanks)
a. Physiological and anatomic
5. Did the studies measure perceptions of the simulations and objective measures of
behaviours in the clinical environment? If yes, what were the results?
a. 11 studies included the measures of participant perceptions of the simulations
i. Rated the scenarios as realistic and believed they behaved in a similar
manner in the simulations as they did in the clinical environment
ii. Rated the scenarios as appropriately challenging and useful for learning
iii. Conflicting results on whether the simulations would result in a change to
b. There were no articles that reported measuring objective measures of behaviour in
the clinical environment
6. What were the common barriers to OR-MDT simulations?
a. Problems recruiting participants (most cited challenge to be overcome, especially
of senior staff)
b. Fidelity of the models
c. Financial cost involved
7. In the studies that measured safety climate, did findings change as a result of the
simulation program?
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