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Chapter 7

HSS 3332 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Normalization Process Theory, Smart Card, Collective Action

Health Sciences
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HSS 3332
Sarah Fraser

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Smart card article
What are two popular myths about smart card technologies?
Smart cards will allow ‘big government’ to track and gather more information on citizens
Smart cards make it easier for identity thieves and fraudsters to access databases on
What actions can be taken to help dispel these myths?
Enhance trust and security
To ensure our trust is not betrayed, and prevent misuse of personal information by
authorized individuals, we create policies, laws, penalties and enforcement agencies
Smart cards are highly secure
Conceptual Frameworks
Diffusion of Innovations Theory
Describe Rogers' theories of technology adoption and diffusion.
Diffusion is the process by which an innovation is communicated through certain
channels over time among the members of a social system
How can technology adopters be classified?
Early adopters
Early majority
Late majority
What are the recommended strategies for encouraging diffusion?
Normalization Process Theory (NPT; May & Finch, 2009)
How does NPT define work? practice? And normalization?
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