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Chapter 8

HSS 3332 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Ovarian Cancer, Oncology, Statistical Hypothesis Testing

Health Sciences
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HSS 3332
Sarah Fraser

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Week 8
Technology and the meaning of health
Ardern-Jones et al. (2010). Is no news good news?
How is this study an example of how health screening technologies are changing the
meaning of health?
Many women often receive inconclusive test results; resulting in them being more
worried and less relieved by the test result compared to if it was a positive result. They
were more worried about cancer, less relieved, and felt that their quality of life has been
adversely affected by it
Women who had an intolerance of uncertainty were at a risk for long term-distress
These tests change the meaning of health because now people are taking the test for the
benefit of others in the family and not purely for themselves
Inconclusive result allowed them to avoid making a choice about prophylactic surgery,
something they might have considered more strongly if a mutation has been identified
Felt relieved in that they would not have to choose between unpleasant options about
their future medical management
Felt relieved of the responsibility of sharing information with more distant members of
the family
How is the concept of 'biographical disruption' relevant in this study?
Relevant to this study because inconclusive results might lead to high-risk women to get
an unnecessary prophylactic surgery
Physicians were uncomfortable about women choosing prophylactic surgery in the case
of an inconclusive result
Discussing inconclusive genetic results with women at high-risk for breast and ovarian
cancer was difficult for physicians
One oncologist reported that sometimes when he could not provide an answer, it made
him feel like a failure
Those working in genetic clinics felt stress, disappointment and anxiety
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