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Chapter 10

HSS 3332 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Sharps Waste, Essential Medicines, Biomedical Waste

Health Sciences
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HSS 3332
Sarah Fraser

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Global perspectives on health technology
WHO (2011). Guiding principles to ensure injection device security.
What strategies does the WHO recommend to ensure injection device security?
Appropriate forecasting, financing, procurement and supply management so that the
following items are available in adequate quantities:
o Injectable products
o Appropriate single dose diluents
o Single use injection devices for injection and reconstitution
o Safety boxes
WHO recommends that injection device security is ensured in all health-care facilities,
including therapeutic services, so that injectable medicines, diluents, AD/RUP/SIP
injection devices and safety boxes are supplied in a timely manner in adequate quantities
In practice:
Sterile, single use injection devices for injection and reconstitution and safety boxes
must be available in every health-case facility in sufficient quantities for the number
of injections administered
Syringes with reuse-prevention feature offer the highest level of safety for injection
recipients. Recommended for use for therapeutic injections where local data indicate
that unsafe practices are particularly common
Urges that all injectable medications are supplied with matching quantities of single
use injection devices, appropriate diluents and safety boxes through essential
medicine programmes and other health program supply mechanisms
Prevent injection overuse: national drug policies should promote the rational use of
therapeutic injections
o Removing unnecessary injectable medicines from the national essential
medicines list
Health care services must manage sharp waste as part of the duty of care in a safe and
environmentally responsible way, within a broader policy of health-care waste
o Awareness and training for appropriate sharps waste management are required
o Sharps waste disposal management should be costed, budgeted and funded
WHO requests all donors and lender who finance injectable products (ie vaccines,
contraceptives and medications) to also finance appropriate quantities of
AD/RUP/SIP injection devices, single dose diluents, safety boxes and the cost of
sharps waste management
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