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Chapter 11

HSS 3332 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Health Canada, Relate, Reduplication

Health Sciences
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HSS 3332
Sarah Fraser

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March 19 & 21
Canadian perspectives on health technology
Reading: http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/is-this-the-future-of-hospitals-in-canada-1.1393280
Relate the contents of this news article to factors that inhibit and encourage the growth and
spread of health care technology (Key Concepts Lecture, Jan 10)
o Less personalization
o Slow progress
o Government boondoggles (work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives
the appearance of having value); mishandling the awarding of contracts and
having little to show for the amount of money invested
o Some projects are deemed too ambitious and wasteful and are eventually
abandoned in favour of allowing hospitals to develop their own systems
o Most hospitals have technologies that do not address issues such as infections,
medication errors and other adverse events, but rather try to create efficiencies or
get better at billing, get better at coding
o Sometimes the system goes down for several hours, knocking out all IP
communication, automated supply vehicles and, most importantly, patient
medical records
o Better patient control and access to information
o Cutting down on sneaker time, the amount of time nurses and doctors spend
walking to different parts of the hospital to deliver care
o Transfer of information is more efficient
o Reduction of medical errors
o Quiet
o Reduces the number of days patients spend in the hospital by 5 to 3.5
Introduction to Health Technology Assessment (Reading: Menon & Stafinsky, 2009)
In “National Efforts to Produce HTA” section: Which potential technologies are selected
for assessment? How is the assessment of new drugs different from devices, systems &
existing drugs?
Devices, systems and existing drugs are potential technologies that are selected
for assessment; technologies that are deemed to be of national interest
The assessment of new drugs is different from devices, systems and exisiting
drugs in the way they must pass before a listing decision is made by the federal,
provincial (not including Quebec), or territorial drug plans
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