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Chapter 13

HSS 3332 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13: Tissue Engineering, Organ Transplantation, Stem Cell

Health Sciences
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HSS 3332
Sarah Fraser

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Questions to generate discussion on the documentary: UPDATE - The World in 50 Years -
E1 - Our Body
How do you think some of these technologies will transform health care? Use examples
from the research reported in the documentary.
Decrease costs through preventative costs and diagnosis (toothbrush)
Smart technology and clothing
Warning signs of heart attack will be detected through clothing
Save lives faster due to fast transfer of info
Save lives with new organs, people no longer waiting for organ transplants to become
Surgical technology; decrease medical errors
What are some of the positive possibilities related to the adoption of these new
Doctor in your clothing, send warning when something is wrong
Flying ambulances will save time; no traffic jams, can land anywhere
Body scan will identify all the possible issues
Stem cell organ development, human body shop; tissue engineering
Bio engineered foods and advanced genetics could decrease obesity
Paralysis: a computer chip that’s connects the brain directly to the arm or leg, bypassing
the spinal cord
Decreased medical errors and improved surgical techniques; filter out shaky hand
movements and nervousness
What are some of the negative possibilities related to the adoption of these new
Privacy issues, insurance companies increasing premiums
Might result in accidents (cleaning object)
Canceling insurance covering
Moral issues with clones, black market, can you sue your genetic counterparts
How do you think some of these advances will impact on privacy?
Will know if you partied
Transferring of insurance chips
Do you think some of these technologies might increase or decrease inequities?
Increase inequalities: low class of hospital services for the poor (uninsured or
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