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University of Ottawa
International Development and Globalization
Sonia Gulati

January 20, 2013 Clarke “Health Care Systems in International Context” • Health care systems internationally in the context of globalization o Globalization eliminates the boundaries the separates societies from one another  Changes the sovereignty of states  Imperatives to profit often supersede state-level policy regarding safety, equity, and an adequate standard of living  Spreads diseases such as SARS, malaria, dengue fever  Associated with climate change o Positively,  Extension of knowledge and technologies of health  Powerful global organizations such as WHO, travel and tourism, research and so forth.  Diffusing the Western biomedical model • Alma Alta Record called for the worldwide expansion of Primary Health Care, defined by principles of community participation, appropriate technology, and principles of equity. • WHO conceptualizes distinctions among countries for comparative and statistical purposes based on related ideas; region and level of income. • Traditional medicine is still widespread; in the developed world it is known as alternative medicine. It isn’t really a health system but a group of disparate methods of health, incorporating herbals, spiritual practices, manual treatments and indigenous medicines. o 80% of India and Africa rely on TM, as do 40% in China o WHO works to evaluate and monitor TM and oversee impacts of safety, quality, accessibility, and rational use. o Medical tourism involves travelling just to seek medical treatment for reasons such as insurance. o The idea of a birth attendant has played a significant role in the decreases of infant and maternal mortality. • US health system is expensive but under-performing. o Ranks poorest among leading developed nations, 37 among 191 countries. o Discrepancy between cost and value due to healthcare being treated as a commodity rather than a human
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