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International Development and Globalization
Sonia Gulati

February 3, 2014 Wolff “The Human Right to Health” • In the mainstream political philosophy, the health agenda is relatively undeveloped, focusing on only a small number of issues. o Redistributive transfers o Brain drain o Access to medicine and drug discovery • We must seek imaginative ways of improving financial flows, changing drug discovery, migration incentives, and funding health interventions. • Political philosophy must be brought into contact with the concerns of development and global health. • Why should peoples of the developed world pay attention to the problems of the developing world? Is it our business? o Humanitarian duty of assistance  Peter Singer; if we can claim a life without sacrificing anything, we have an obligation to do so. o Individualised self-interest  Ie. Perhaps the best way to combat global pandemics is to strength public health in the developing world. o The right of others to have assistance (Justice argument)  The impact of colonialism ie. Drain on capital  Unfair contemporary trade policy o Who has the duty to act?  Cosmopolitan Justice: everyone has the duty to act  Reparative Justice: those who have caused, or have benefitted from, previous acts of injustice • Those who oppose; o Say the notion of human rights is “confused, useless, and damaging”  Some rights undermine others • Ie. The right for people to spend their wealth the way they choose to; rich people will spend on the private sector, causing the poor and middle class to be in a state of political and economic neglect. o Individualistic notion of human rights might be damaging to the global health.  Brings issues in the access of health care more into foray than public helath.  Hence, it appears a human right to health agenda threatens to reduce health to health care and reinforce inequalities.  Consider agents working in human right
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