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International Development and Globalization
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Sonia Gulati

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February 3, 2014 WHO “A Human Rights Based Approach” • A HRBA tackles issues at the heart of development problems such as analyzing inequalities, discriminatory practices, and unjust power relations. o Civil, cultural, economic, political, and social rights provide a guiding framework for development plans, policies, and processes. • Key elements of HRBA; o Aims at realizing the right to health and other health-related human rights. o Health policy making to be guided by human rights standards o Elimination of discrimination o Gender mainstreaming • UN Common Understanding on a HRBA; o Goal; further advance the realization of the right to health and other health- related human rights  Policies and plans need to systematically integrate and further these rights in order to be realized.  Included in several core treaties and national constitutions, suc
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