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University of Ottawa
International Development and Globalization
Sonia Gulati

February 6, 2014 UN “A rights-based conceptual framework for education” • The development of HRBA to education needs framework that addresses the right of access to education, right to quality education, and the respect for human rights in education. o These dimension are interdependent and interlinked and it is necessary to realize all three dimensions. o We must reach even the most marginalised children, but it is not simply enough to get them to school.  Guaranteed education does not necessarily enable individuals to achieve their economic and social objectives and bring about responsible and active citizenship.  Achieving a quality education is a challenge even in industrialized nations; large numbers of students in rich countries do not acquire the basic skills to be competent in today’s world.  Attention must be paid on the relevance of the curriculum, role of teachers, and the nature of the learning environment. • This contributes to increased retention and makes the education process more empowering, participatory, transparent, and accountable.  We must also advocate the right to be free of discrimination if we want children to not be excluded for education.  We must also pay due regard to children’s rights of health and well-being. Right of Access to Education • Free, compulsory primary education • Forms of secondary education developed that are available and accessible to everyone and introduce measures to provide financial education or free education to those in cases of need. • Provide higher education that is accessible on the basis of capacity by every appropriate means. • Provide accessibly education and vocational information and guidance. • Introduce measures to encourage regular attendance and dissuade drop-out. • Education on the basis of equal opportunity and inclusion, without discrimination. • Ensure adequate standard of living for physical, mental, spiritual, moral, and social development. • Protection and assistance to children who are refugees or seeing asylum as well as protection from economic exploitation and work tha
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