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Chapter 1

PHI 1101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Essentialism, Modus Ponens, Typewriter

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PHI 1101
Laura Byrne

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Friday, November 4, 2016
Unit 2
Modus Ponens
Sometimes called Affirming the Antecedent
If p (antecedent) then q (consequent)
Statements of this form are called conditional statement or conditionals
If you live in Montreal, then you live in Quebec.
You live in Montreal.
Therefore, you live in Quebec.
If Lassie is a collie, then she is a dog.
Lassie is a collie.
Therefore, Lassie is a dog.
Sense(connotation or intension): what we understand when we understand its meaning. (The
dictionary definition)
ex: bachelor: an unmarried male
Reference: the class of things to which the word refers - the things to which the concept points.
ex: bachelor: the class of bachelors who exist in the universe now, and
who will exist in the past and future
Reportive definition: reports a word in its standard usage.
how the word is, in fact, used by those who make regular use of it; how the word is used
by competent speakers of the language
can be fluid and changing
ex: impious: not believing in god or the gods
Stipulative Definition: Intended to fix or establish a new or restricted meaning for a term; as
such, they cannot be faulted for failing to convey standard usage.
not attempting to report standard usage, but go beyond it.
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