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Chapter 1

PHI 1101 Chapter 1: PHI1101 Chapter 1 Reading

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PHI 1101
Mark Brown

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Argument: Set of claims, one of which (conclusion) is meant to be supported by the
Conclusion: a claim meant to be supported by reasons offered in the argument.
Premise: A claim put forth as a reason for a conclusion.
Argument = Premise + Claim
Inference: a move from premises in an argument to a conclusion
Inference Indicators: include premise and conclusion indicators.
Enthymemes: arguments that have implicit (unstated) premises or conclusions.
Premise Indicators:
-Words used to indicate that a premise is about to be given.
Since, Because, For, For the reason that, Seeing as, As is implied by, The reason is that,
On account of the fact that.
Conclusion Indicators:
-Words used to indicate that a conclusion is about to be drawn.
Therefore, Consquently, Hence, We may conclude, It follows that, Which shows that,
This entails that, Here are some of the reasons why.
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