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Heidegger Glossary

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Sonia Sikka

1Heidegger, Being and Time Glossary anticipatory resoluteness - formula describing authenticity; way of being in which Dasein "runs ahead" in anticipation of its own death - and of the possibilities open to it before death - while taking over its existence responsibly Anxiety (Angst) - a distinctive, free-floating mood, with no determinate object, which interrupts Dasein's everyday absorption and makes authenticity possible; Dasein is anxious in the face of "being-in-the-world as such" Authenticity (Eigentlichkeit) - Dasein's genuine, individualized mode of being, in which it acknowledges its finitude and takes over responsibility for its own becoming Being - das Sein, "to be"; includes essence, existence, nature, reality Being-alongside (Sein-bei) - being concernfully taken up with Being-in-the-world - the constitution of Dasein; description or definition of Dasein Being-towards-death - Dasein's relating of itself to its own end, to the ultimate closure of its potentiality-for-being Beings/entities - das Seiende - particulars, of any sort, including human beings Beings as a whole - das Seiende im Ganzen - everything that is, considered as a whole, the sum of what-is Categories - the fundamental distinctions appropriate to the characterization of present-at-hand entities Care - the basic principle of the Being of Dasein; the structural unity of the Being of Dasein Circumspection (Umsicht) - the "vision" or "sight" that belongs to everyday practical understanding Concern - Dasein's everyday mode of care; its usual way of being taken up with, and absorbed in, the things that matter to it Dasein - "Being-there"; the kind of being that each one of us is; human existence 1 Destiny (Geschick) - Dasein's collective destiny, determined by the fact that its historizing is a co-historizing, a shared happening Equipment (das Zeug) - what Dasein encounters in its everyday way of being, when it is absorbed in its pragmatic concerns; use-items; "stuff" Existenz, existence - the kind of Being that Dasein has: self-reflexive, oriented towards the future; "ek-sistence," literally, standing away from Existential analytic - analysis of existence, which is the being of Dasein, the way that Dasein is; ontological investigation of Dasein Existentials - the fundamental distinctions appropriate to the characterization of Dasein; the basic features of Dasein’s Being (Existenz) existentiell - concerning particular characteristics of Dasein ("existentiell" stands to "existential" as "ontic" stands to "ontological") facticity - Dasein's factual being-there; the fact of its being there as an entity that matters to itself Fate (Schicksal) - the individual "destiny" into which Dasein brings itself through anticipatory resoluteness; the historical purposiveness with which it provides itself through authentic choice and repetition For-the-sake-of (das Umwillen) - the final end in which every "in-order-to" is grounded; the ultimate goal of Dasein in terms of which every "in-order-to," every means, must, in the final analysis, be understood; the ultimate source and referent of assignments and involvements historizing (Geschehen) - Dasein's temporal "happening" or narrativity; its being a story (Geschichte, also "history") In-order-to (das Um-zu) - the end or goal to which equipment is referred, and through which the being of equipment qua equipment is constituted Inauthenticity (Uneigentlichkeit) - Dasein's average, everyday way of being, where it is absorbed in its daily activities, and delivered over to das Man, the "they"; existence which is "unowned," and therefore ungenuine Interpretation - the act through which Dasein understands, and which itself has a "fore- structure" ("fore-having," "fore-sight," "fore-conception") Involvement (Bewandtnis
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