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Lecture 10 - Class 2 on Mind & World Chap. 1

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Patrice Philie

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Oct. 10, 2013 Class 2 on Lecture 1 of Mind & World 1. Section 5: The Passivity of Experience The problem  McDowell’s main thesis: Experience if conceptual  Experience is passive; it just ‘happens’  The exercise of concepts and spontaneity McDowell’s argument  The concepts deployed in experience are also deployed in spontaneity: “Quite generally, the capacities that are drawn on in experience are recognizable as conceptual only against the background of the fact that someone who has them is responsive to rational relations, which link the contents of judgments of experience with other judgeable contents” (p. 11-12) 2. Section 6: Critique of Davidson’s coherentism The source of coherentism  A similar starting point  Davidson: means we must leave out experience  Coherentism is the result Losing the world?  McDowell: Coherentism is unsatisfying, no friction  Two replies by Davidson: -World causes our beliefs -our beliefs are mostly true (interpretation) McDowell’s reply  About ‘World causes our beliefs’: -we need more to account for the interntionality of empirical thought  About ‘our beliefs are mostly true (interpretation)’: -supposed to save us from skepticism, but does not work (p. 16-17) 3. Section 7 – Inner and Outer Sense, Part I The distinction  Outer sense  Inner sense  ‘The ba
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