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Chapter 2

Lecture 11 - Class 1 on Mind & World Chap. 2

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Patrice Philie

Oct. 21, 2013 First Lecture on Chap. 2 of Mind & World 1. Section 2: Stating the problem Friction and experience  ‘Friction’ ensures constraint  Davidson and the rejection of constraint  The Given and its conception of the constraint Accusation of idealism  McDowell and justification  McDowell and experience  Idealism McDowell’s reply “In a particular experience in which one is not misled, what one takes in is that things are thus and so. That things are thus and so is the content of the experience, and it can also be the content of a judgment: it becomes the content of a judgment if the subject decides to take experience at face value. So it is conceptual content. But that things are thus and so is also, if one is not misled, as anspect of the layout of the world: it is how things are. Thus the idea of conceptually structured operations of receptivity puts us in a position to speak of experience as openness to the layout of reality. Experience enables the layout of reality itself to exert a rational influence on what a subject thinks.” – McDowell (p. 26) Section 3: World & Concepts, I  There is friction  The conceptuality of the world  Really? 2. Another Wittgensteinian Interlude Remark 94  Thought’s strange nature  A new kind of intermediary  Pragmatism?  Quietism Remark 95  Important remark for McDowell  Not two kinds of things  Different interpretations are possible 3. Section 3: Thinking and the thinkable Section 3: World & Concepts,
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