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Chapter 3

Lecture 13 - Mind & World Chap. 3

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Patrice Philie

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Oct. 28, 2013 Chapter 3 1. Gareth Evan’s thesis Introduction  McDowell: Experience is conceptual  He uses Evans’ position to clarify his own  Gareth Evans The big difference  For Evans, the content of perceptible experience is not conceptual  Conceptual content enters the picture in judgments based on experience The informational system  “The system of capacities we exercise when we gather information about the world by using our senses” (p. 48)  We share it with animals  Non conceptual content not identified ipso facto with experiential content Experience according to Evans  Accessibility by spontaneity  Animals don’t have experience  Discussion *Animals only have ‘states’ of the informational system 2. Section 3: Inner experience and Evans McDowell’s recurrent problem  Inner experience and pain  Outer experience  Serious problem for McDowell  But: also a problem for Evans 3. Content and the Given in Evans The Myth of the Given Reminder: The Myth of the Given according to McDowell is the thesis according t which receptivity makes a separate contribution from spontaneity with regards to experience. Evans and the Given  Evans: informational system furnishes the elements of receptivity  Independent contribution, even if strongly linked to spontaneity
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