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Chapter 4

Lecture 15 - Class 1 on Mind & World Chap. 4

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Patrice Philie

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Nov. 4, 2013 First Lecture on Chap. 4 Mind & World -McDowell’s philosophy of nature 1. Section 1: The seesaw and the concept of nature Source of the seesaw (Coherentism vs. the Myth of the Given)  Two points of view presuppose that experience cannot be conceptual  There’s a mental block  This block is caused by the modern conception of nature 2. Section 2: Animals and the concept of nature Sentience  Animals are sentient, allowing them to ‘perceive’  Same for us – they can perceive the world, same as us; they are aware of what’s around them  McDowell: perception is conceptual McDowell and Brandom  McDowell p. 70 – environmental awareness/self-awareness -we are aware of our environment (vs. thermostat)  Brandom on the sentience/satient contrast -capacity to be aware (awake) biological // ability to reflect, possesses beliefs & reasons (vs. computer) 3. Crucial section 3: Disenchanted nature Quotation of key passage  Disenchanted nature  Nature and the realm of law  This
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