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Chapter 11

POL1102 Chapter 11: Chapter 11 notes

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Political Science
Daniel Pierre- Antoine

Chapter 11: Demographic Trends - Globalization benefits cities, which are the conduits to integration into the global economy - UN estimates that 222 million women in the developing countries lack access to reliable, high-quality family planning services, information and supplies, putting them at risk for unintended pregnancy - Contraceptive use clearly is not the only factor in fertility. Improving educational and economic opportunities for women also tends to lower birth rates and contributes to economic development - According to the UNFPA, over half a million women die needlessly every year as a result of complications due to pregnancy and childbirth o If they had access to health-care services as well as the necessary equipment and supplies, their lives could be saved - Most people support the goals of family planning—to reduce poverty, overcrowding, and other harmful effects of unrestrained population growth—but many object to some of the means employed. Ex: religious reasons - Of the world’s population of women, 40 percent live in states in which abortion laws are very restrictive - Migration occurs for several reasons: economic (jobs), family reunification, marriage, natural disasters, environmental degradation, and human-made disasters such as famine, religious persecution, political repressi
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