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Chapter 3&4

2014-09-08 - World Politics in a New Era Chaps. 3 & 4

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Political Science
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Daniel Pierre- Antoine

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Spiegel et al World Politics in a New Era Chapters 34Chapter 3OutlineI Thirty Years War and the Peace of WestphaliaII EighteenthCentury EuropeAGreat powersBAftermath of war and two revolutionsIII Napoleonic Era and Its AftermathAThe Concert of EuropeBUnification of Italy and GermanyIV The Industrial Revolution and Its AftermathABritish economic hegemony and its challengesV Bismarckian System and the Eve of WarVI The World WarsACauses of World War I and the levels of analysisBConsequences of World War ICCauses of World War II and the levels of analysisDConsequences of World War IIVII ConclusionLearning ObjectivesExplain how state sovereignty and collective security affect conflict and cooperation in contemporary world politicsIdentify the European great powers of the eighteenth century and list the defining characteristics of international politics in that era diplomacy among monarchies frequent but limited wars action by the European great powers to prevent French hegemonyOutline the major changes in world politics resulting from the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars spread of liberalism and nationalism establishment of the Concert of EuropeIdentify the membership and goals of the Concert of Europe and describe how it attempted to limit conflict in the nineteenth centuryDefine the major developments in international relations during the long peace of the nineteenth century and identify the major powers of that periodOutline the major changes wrought on world politics by the Industrial RevolutionCompare and contrast the contending explanations for World War I and World War IIDescribe the reasoning behind and impact of US development and employment of the atomic bomb
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