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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Shared and Divergent Values

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Political Science
Luc Turgeon

7 – Shared and Divergent Values Charles Taylor (1991) • Are there divergences of value between the different regions of Canada? • Similarities between English Canada vs. French Canada – equality, nondiscrimination, the rule of law, the mores of representative democracy, etc. • Compared to its history, today, French Canada has rejoined English Canada • However, we are still close to a breakup Why Canada? • The question for Quebec - whether or not to be a part of Canada. • What binds Canada together outside Quebec is no longer a common provenance, but the bonding elements in political institutions and ways of being. • Britishness defined itself largely in terms of political institutions: parliamentary government, a judicial tradition, etc. • Canadians feel that they are different fromAmericans: peace, order, and good government vs. violence • (a) law and order; (b) collective provision • English Canada has become more diverse and less “English” over the decades • Become multicultural due to the inflow of immigrants who do not fit a certain mould • What is the Canadian identity? • Canada is a mosaic rather than a melting pot Why Quebec? • Its distinct language and culture sets it apart fromAmericans and English Canadians • Want to keep their provincial social programs • The really survivable elements of la nation candienne-francaise are only to be found in Quebec • Language as one of the prime goals of political society (issue between independent Quebec and remaining in Canada) Equality of What? • Agreat area of conflict is between the demands of a special status for Quebec, and those of regional equality between provinces • Caused be misunderstanding and mutual misperception • Quebec’s demand for special status is to assume a wider range of responsibilities and great autonomy • The call for regional equality usually comes from those who feel that their interests have been given insufficient weight in federal policymaking (aims for involvement in this process) • Queb
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