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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Canada as a Multinational Democracy

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Political Science
Luc Turgeon

10 – Canada as a Multinational Democracy James Tully (2001) The “Problematization” of the Constitutional Identity of a Multinational Society by Struggles over Recognition A Multinational Society • Canada is described as a free and democratic society in section I of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms • Amultinational society/democracy is a type of free and democratic society which includes more than one nation – more than one member of the society demands recognition as a nation or nations. • Quebecois and Indigenous peoples demand recognition as nations respectively • (1) liberal society a fair system of social, political, and economic cooperation, i.e. the rules are freely accepted and regarded as appropriate by the participants themselves • (2) self-determination as it predicated of free societies or peoples in international law • (3) free and democratic society in which the sovereign people impose the rules of the association on themselves • Anation is a people with the right of self-determination • Amultinational society is a people composed of peoples • Afederation is a society in which democratic self-government is distributed in such a way that citizens participate concurrently in different collectivities • Aconfederation is an association in which citizens participate only in their nation, not in the multinational confederation as a whole. Four Dimensions of Constitutional Identity Three conflicting types of solution around which citizens and governments mobilize: 1) Defense of the status quo, with or without a degree of sub-constitutional change 2) Various forms of recognition of the nation or nations by changing the current constitutional identity 3) Secession of the nation or nations and recognition as a new independent nation or nations, with or without some relation to the former society For major dimensions of the constitutional identity of a democratic society: 1- Aconstitution recognizes the members of a society under their respective identities and enumerates their rights, duties, and pow
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