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Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – Putting Multiculturalism into Perspective

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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Luc Turgeon

29 – Putting Multiculturalism into Perspecitve Will Kymlicka (1998) The Immigrant Response to Nation-Building • Only non-immigrant national minorities have the capacity and motivation to undertake an ambitious nation-building project • Immigrant groups have typically accepted the expectation to integrate into the dominant societal culture – they have not objected to requirements to learn and participate in an official language • Why have immigrants accepted integration? • 1- they have already voluntarily left their own culture with the expectation of integrating into a different national society. That’s what it means to immigrate. If they didn’t accept the idea of integrating, they wouldn’t have left their homeland. • Since immigrants are usually individuals rather than communities, they lack the concentration to form their own linguistic society • In these respects, immigrants are very different from national minorities, for whom nation-building threatens a culturally distinct society • Immigrants opt for integration, while national minorities opt for fighting to maintain a distinct societal culture • While in Canada it is easy for immigrants to become full citizens regardless of their race, religion, or ethnic origin, other parts of the world are much less welcoming • The extent to which national minorities are able to maintain separate cultures vari
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