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Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – The White Paper

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Luc Turgeon

31 – “The White Paper”: Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian Policy Jean Chretien (1969) 1. Background • Government policies must lead to the full, free, and non-discriminatory participation of the Indian people in Canadian society. • Requires that the Indian people’s role of dependence be replaced by a role of equal stats, opportunity, and responsibility – same as all other Canadians. • The separate legal status of Indians has kept the Indian people apart from and behind other Canadians. They have not been full citizens of the communities and provinces in which they live – not enjoyed equality and benefits of participation. • Different status has resulted in different treatment – poverty and social and cultrual discrimination • Government seeks to abolish disharmony and disunity by getting rid of the special “Indian” status • Different status has led to deprivation and frustration – cannot lead to full participation and equality in practice and theory. • Choose a road away from different status to full social, economic, and political participation in Canadian life • New policy enabling Indian people to realize their needs and aspirations • Indian people are entitled to such a policy and an equality that preserves and enriches Indian identity and distinction and participation • Self-determinati
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