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POL 2101 Chapter Notes -Charter Of The French Language, Powerviolence

Political Science
Course Code
POL 2101
Luc Turgeon

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DGD session
Difference between a nation and a state (Tully)
Has a defined territory
Sovereignty – own laws
Monopoly of power/violence
Recognized as a state by other states
Has a regime/government – armies
Group of people who identify together/share something in common i.e. language, culture,
religion (common identity)
No “borders”
Claim to self-determination/self-governance
ex: Quebec and Indigenous peoples
Canada – challenges in multinational states
Balance of power between distinct nations
Problematizes constitutional identity
Quebec hasn’t signed the Constitution
-recognition of their culture & identity
-Bill 101 – French as the primary language
Royal Commission
4 stages of the relationship between the Aboriginal people and British settlers
1- No contact
2- First contact
3- Power shift
4- Recovery
4 Principles of a Renewed Relationship
1. Recognition
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