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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Peter Russell

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Political Science
Luc Turgeon

Chapter 9 – Peter Russell Canada –A Pioneer in the Management of Constitutional Politics in a Multi-national Society • Canada’s democratic political community is composed of people whose sense of national allegiance and identity differ – a multi-national society • Canada was founded based on incomplete conquests – the British failing to assimilate the French (both language and religion) • Lord Durham’s plan to assimilate the French Canadians into the English culture to “unite” Canada • Quebecois maintain their own sense of identity and force a federal constitutional solution with a province in which they are a majority and have political power to preserve their culture • Incomplete conquest of the Indigenous people – 1763 Royal Proclamation recognizes Indian nations’territory outside the settled British colonies. New settlements only permitted on lands sold or ceded by the Indians to the Crown. • Royal Proclamation acknowledge in section 25 of 1982 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. • Canada derived land from Indians via treaties. U.S. did so too, up until the Civil War, when Congress abolished treaty-making, and they resorted to warfare. • French Canadians and Indigenous people are not just cultural minorities, but political societies with special rights and distinct peoples • Dual identities • Canadian nationalism after WWII terminated Canada’s constitutional colonialism – problem: Can
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