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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Luc Turgeon

March 20, 2014 Should Ontario Vote for Electoral Reform? http://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorialopinion/2007/09/14/should_ontario_vote_for_electoral_ reform.html YES • Chance to change an unfair system • Voting reform must be approved by 60% of voters in 60% of ridings • Suggestion: mixed system like New Zealand and Germany – 70% of MPPs elected in local ridings (as is), and another 30% will be elected proportionally. • Fairer for voters: 2 votes, not just 1. 1 vote for a competent local candidate and 1 vote for your preferred political party. • Fairer in result: the number of seats each party occupies in the legislature would depend on popular vote. No more system where one party takes government with a huge majority by winning a by a hair in a lot of local seats. History of majority governments that were the choice of less than 50% of voters. • Fairer for women: women’s views are not given weight in a white male majority legislature. Electing more women will improve politics. NO • Voters don’t want reform • Present system is understandable, workable, enjoys voter satisfaction and historical tradition, and results in the representation voters want. • Minority governments usually mean voters are ambivalent • MMP would diminish local voter involvement • Creating more ridings under FPTP would solve the problem of mixed ridings, MMP would create fewer but larger ridings (doesn’t solve the problem) • MM
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