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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Dominique Arel

Researching the StateJoel S Migdal globalization has weakened states ability to dominate and the attachment of populations to them any definition of the state must capture the duality of the singular idealtypical mold of the state the state is a field of power marked by the use and threat of violence in attempting to control peoples behaviour and shaped by authors definition 1 The image of a coherent controlling organization in a territory which is an outgrowth and representation of the people bounded by that territory2 The actual practices of that organizations multiple parts JanusFaced State transcendental unity of the people is very important in the image of the state the very idea of nation the nations social unity gives the state the peoples collective consent legitimacy the image of the state is incongruously all about exercising authority to tame wildly different wills and drawing on loyalty that comes from a general will authority is demanding obedience loyalty means gaining support the state is both a dominator and a supplicant comparison may privilege form over functionth three waves of state formation in the 20 century1 World War One2 Decolonizati
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