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Political Science
Dominique Arel

Comparative Theory and Political Science Do We Need a StateNation Model as Well as a NationState ModelAlfred Stepan Juan J Linz and Yogendra Yadav old wisdom holds that the territorial boundaries of a state must coincide with the perceived cultural boundaries of a nation this understanding requires that every state must contain within itself one and not more than one culturally homogeneous nation that every state should be a nation and that every nation should be a state however many states in the world today do not conform to this expectation states may be divided analytically into three different categories1 States that have deep cultural diversity some of which is territorially based and politically articulated by significant groups that in the name of nationalism and selfdetermination advance claims of independence2 States that are culturally quite diverse but whose diversity is nowhere organized by territorially based politically significant groups mobilizing nationalist claims for independence3 States in which a community culturally homogeneous enough to consider itself a nation dominates the state and no other significant groups articulates similar claims nationstate policies stand for a politicalinstitutional approach that attempts to match the political boundaries of the state with the presumed cultural boundaries of the nation or vice versa the creation of nationstate involves privileging one sociocultural identity over other potential or actual sociocultural cleavages that can be politically mobilized nations
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