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Political Science
Dominique Arel

Democracy and Its ArenasLinz and Stepan a democratic transition is complete when sufficient agreement has been reached about political procedures to produce an elected government when a government comes to power that is the direct result of a free and popular vote when this government de facto has the authority to generate new policies and when the executive legislative and judicial power generated by the new democracy does not have to share power with other bodies de jure democratization requires open contestation over the right to win control of the government and this in turn requires free competitive elections there can be liberalization without democratization transitions may begin that are never completed consolidated democracy behaviorally democracy becomes the only game in town when no significant political groups seriously attempt to overthrow the democratic regime or secede from the state attitudinally democracy becomes the only game in town when even in the face of severe political and economic crisis the overwhelming majority of the people believe that any further political change must emerge from within the parameters of democratic formulas constitutionally democracy becomes the only game in town when all the actors in the polity become habituated to the fact that political conflict will be resolved according to the established normals and what violations of these norms are likely to be both ineffective and costly with consolidation democracy becomes routinized and deeply internalized in social institu
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