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Political Science
Dominique Arel

Stronger Legislatures Stronger DemocraciesM Steven Fish the presence of a powerfullegislature is an unmixed blessing for democratization Proponents of parliamentarism are suspicious ofpresidents with real executive power In this system elements of the legislature form the governmentthe prime minister exercises considerable executive power andanswers to the legislature and there is either no president at all or alargely ceremonial one Parliamentarisms defenders contrast the rigidityof the fixed terms that presidents servewhich may force electoratesto suffer an incompetent or malign executive for yearswith the flexibilityof parliamentarism which enables legislatures to depose undesirableprime ministers and their governments in short order Presidentialism also has its advocates It is a system in which thepresident is directly elected the government is appointed by and answerableto the president and the president enjoys weighty prerogatives Presidentialisms defenders sometimes tout the advantages of a separationof power holding that the presence of two entities the presidencyand the legislature each with its own source of electoral legitimacyreduces the danger of radical missteps They maintain that a presidentelected by the whole people can embody the national will better than
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