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POL2156 Chapter 1Knowledge can be defined as a description of the state or operation of some aspect of the universe upon which people or groups are prepared to act Knowledge is a product of social processes The production of knowledge usually begins when the public governments or groups of experts recognize that the state of knowledge in a particular area is inadequate Funding bodies corporations and universities accept research proposals and decide which are the most relevant and deserving of support Successful proposals are carried out by teams of researchers who produce findings through their combined experience and skills Research findings are communicated and endorsed by professional organizations that decide what research should be publishes and how it should be presented Communities and governments have a say in how new knowledge is applied by debating and legislating for its appropriate uses Knowledge is both a product and the property of social groups Answering our questions whatever the question we are faced with roughly the same choice we can do researchthat is collect the evidence ourselves or consult an authority Consulting an authority as a way of knowing the most common way by which we get answers to our questions is to consult authorities As long as the authority consulted knows the answers this is the most efficient way to answer a question People can have two kinds of authority authority because of position and authority be
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