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Political Science
David Rangdrol

Colonial knowledge and the construction of a modern identityIn Malaysia historical knowledge a crucial element in every identity formation is still based on colonial knowledgeIn short Malaysian historiography is an ideological struggle involving different interest groups ethnic foreign academic political and so on an articulation of the unfinished culturalethnic nationalist project in MalaysiaThe colonial methods of accumulating facts and insights and the resultant corpus of knowledge have been critical in providing not only substance but also sustenance to the endeavour of writing about MalaynessThe survey modalityIn short surveys came to cover every systematic and official investigation of the natural and social features of indigenous society through which vast amounts of knowledge were transformed into textual forms such as encyclopaedias and archivesThe enumerative modalityEnabled the British to categorise the indigenous society for administrative purposes particularly by way of censuses that were to reflect basic sociological facts such as race ethnic groups culture and language The various forms of enumeration that were developed objectified and stultified social cultural and linguistic differences among the indigenous peoples and the migrant population and these differences were of great use for the colonial bureaucracy and its army to explain and control conflicts and tensionsControl was primarily implemented by way of the surveillance modality detailed information was collected on peripheral or minority groups and categories of people whose activities were perceived as a threat to social order and therefore should b
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