PSY 1102 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Cerebral Cortex, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Collectivism

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27 Dec 2016

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Ch 4 Nature, Nurture and Human Diversity
Behaviour Genetics: Predicting Individual differences
Behaviour geneticists study the differences and weigh the effects and interplay of heredity
and environment
Chromosome- coiled chain of DNA
Genes- small segments of giant DNA molecules
Environmental events can turn on genes (express) which creates a code for protein molecules
Identical twins- develop form a single fertilized egg that splits in two
Although the hae the sae gees the do’t alas hae the same number of copies of those
Fraternal twins-develop from separate fertilized eggs
Social effects of traits, If you have a fraternal twin who is divorced the odds of your divorcing
are 1.6X greater, identical twins are 5.5X greater
MgcGue & lykken estimate that people’s differig diore risk are ~50% attriutale to geeti
Genetic relatives-biological parents and siblings
Environmental relatives- adoptive parents and siblings
Studies find that people who grow up together do not much resemble one another in
Traits like extraversion and agreeableness, adoptees are more similar to their biological parents
The eviroet shared y a faily’s hildre has virtually o ipat o their persoalities
Temperament- a perso’s harateristi eotioal reatiit ad itesit
Molecular genetics- studies the molecular structure and the function of genes
Heritability- the proportion of variation among individuals that we can attribute to genes
Genes are self- regulating they can react and adapt
Epigenetics- molecular mechanisms by which the environment triggers genetic expression
Epigenetic markers organic methyl molecule attached to DNA which instructs cell to ignore any
gene present and prevet odig lok e. “tress, diet, drugs
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