PSY 1102 Chapter Notes - Chapter 14.1B - 14.2: Autonomic Nervous System, Factor Analysis, Extraversion And Introversion

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B.1: Maslow’s Self-Actualizing Person
focused on the ways people strive for self-determination, self-
realization and growth potential instead of drives and conflicts
studied people through their own self-reported experiences and
We are motivated by hierarchy of needs - if they’re met, we become
concerned with personal safety then seek love and self-esteem
Achieving self-esteem, we seek self-actualization (fulfilling our
potential) and self-transcendence (meaning, purpose, and communion
beyond the self)
B.2: Carl Rogers’ Person-Centered Perspective
people are basically good and are endowed with self-actualization tendencies
growth-promoting climate requires
genuineness - more open with own feelings and are transparent
acceptance - offer unconditional positive regard
empathy - share and mirror other’s feelings and reflect their meanings
B.3: Assessing the Self
asses personality by asking people to fill out questionnaires that evaluate their self-concept
i.e. ask people to describe themselves both ideally like to be and actually are
believe standardized tests is depersonalizing - prefer interviews and intimate conversations for a better
B.4: Evaluating Humanistic Theories
positive self concept is key to happiness
people are basically good and capable of self-improvement
acceptance and empathy nurture positive feelings about oneself
concepts are vague and subjective
description of self-actualization could be the theorist’s own values and ideas, not scientific
their emphasis on individualism could lead to self-indulgence and selfishness
i.e. someone not doing work in a project because it’s not satisfying or express their identity
it is naive, fails to appreciate the reality of our human capacity for evil
C.1: Use Traits to Describe Personality
define personality in terms of stable behaviour patterns and fundamental traits
traits - people’s characteristic behaviours and conscious motives
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