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Chapter 4

PSY 1102 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Fluid And Crystallized Intelligence, Intelligence Quotient, Developmental Disorder

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PSY 1102
Victor Emerson

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Complete Chapter Review-
Chapter 10 Intelligence
Intelligence is a mental quality consisting of the potential to learn from
experience, solve problems and use knowledge to adapt to new situations
Spearman proposed that we have one general intelligence(g) underlying all
other specific mental abilities
He developed factor analysis, a statistical procedure that identifies clusters of
related abilities
Thurstone disagreed and identified seven different clusters of related
Tendency remained for high scorers on one cluster to score high in another
Studies indicate that the g scores are most predictive in novel situations and
do not correlate with skills in evolutionary familiar situations
Savant syndrome seems to support Gardner’s view that we have multiple
Eight independent intelligences
o Linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily, kinaesthetic,
intrapersonal, interpersonal, and naturalist
Ninth is existential intelligence ability to ponder deep
questions about life
o Sternberg triarchic theory proposes three intelligence areas that
predict real-world skills
Analytical ( academic problem solving)
Critics have confirmed the general intelligence factor but successful people
are also known as conscientious, well-connected and doggedly energetic
Emotional intelligence is an aspect of social intelligence
o Ability to perceive, understand, manage and use emotions
Achieve greater personal and professional success
Wonder if calling this intelligence is stretching it too far
Intelligence test is a method for assessing an individual’s mental aptitude and
comparing them with others, uses numerical scores
Aptitude tests measure the ability to learn
Achievement tests measure what we have already learned
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