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Chapter 2

PSY1101 - Notes - Chapter 2

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PSY1101NotesChapter2TheBiologyoftheMindThe Nervous SystemIFunction and structureIf no nervous system cant feel think or behaveNervous System NSCentral NSPeripheral NSBrainAll nerves in body outside CNSSpinal chord Work together even for simple tasksCommunication networkoReceives info from external and internal worldoOrganizes and integrate infooUses info to send messages to muscles and glandsReproduces behavior etcResponsible for conscious experienceoAware of cells and others and environment around usIINeuronsABasic function and structureBasic unit of communication in NS3 typesSensory neuronsoFound in sensesoCollect info from external worldoSend info to CNS for further processingMotor neuronsoCarry messages from CNS to muscles and glandsInterneuronsoHave most complex joboOrganize and integrate infooCommunicate only with other neuronsoOnly found in CNSoOutnumber other types of neurons by big marginoAllow us to understand and follow infoBasic StructureoCome in variety of shapes and sizes1PSY1101NotesChapter2TheBiologyoftheMindoCell bodysomaHas nucleus DNAManufacturing district of neuronAllow neuron to survive function and growoDendritesReceive messages from other neuronsExpand surface area of somaoAxonThin tubelike structureCarry messages to other neuronsCarry electrical impulseaction potentialoAxon branchesoTerminal buttons axon terminalsAt end of axon branchesRelease neurotransmitter oMyelin sheathWhite fatty like substance that cover some of the axonMake transmission of electrical impulse fasterEx multiple sclerosisMyelin sheath destroyedoSynapseWhere neurons meet to communicateoSynaptic gap or cleftGap in synapseoPresynaptic neuronNeuron sending out messageoPostsynaptic neuronNeuron receiving messageBCommunicationB 1communication within a neuronoBrain 80 waterLike sea wateroIntracellular fluidInside neuronoExtracellular fluidOutside neuronoFluid has dissolved chemicals such asNa sodium ionsCl chloride ionsK potassium ionsoPorousChemicals can move in and out of neuronsMembrane is porousoSelectively permeable2
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