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Chapter 1PSY1101 Sept 5 2012Intro notes Psychology is a scienceEmotional processesMental processesPhysioI the need for psychological scienceA WhyA1 Limits of intuition intuition can be misleading errors in judgement etc Notes A2 Limits of common sense result of experience learning acquired knowledge etc Notes and book Hindsight BiasI knew it all along phenomenonConclusion was so obvious we could have forecast itHuman tendency to think positivelyKnowledge of factsA3 Overconfidence tendency to over exaggerate our knowledge more confident than is accurate notesA4 Illusory Correlation tendency to see relationships where there are none disregard any event that is not in our beliefs remember the events that support our beliefs better notes and bookA5 Perceiving order in random events uncertainty makes us nervous we look for notes Psych 1101 September 10 2012B The Scientific Attitude notes objective 1 in chapter reviewsummary at the end Characteristics of Critical Thinking Curiosity ask questions and seek answers with passionOpenMindednessSkepticism balances openness examine all pieces of evidence objectivelyAwareness of your own biases and hidden agendasHumility need to be humble remember others can contribute to us accept that we are going to make mistakes and we have to get our ego out of the wayCautiousness we do not prove or disprove we confirm or not confirm our hypothesisC The Scientific Method NOTES Any field that uses the scientific method is a science psych includedSteps of the Scientific MethodObservation casual observation has to become systematic observationTheory purpose is to summarize organize and integrate the observations that you have made Theory is an attempt explanation it is not factHypothesis Testing scientifically explore one of the hypothesis from the theory Hypothesis is a tentative statement concerning the relationship between 2 variablesRules to follow to accept the study as scientificWe must operationally define our concepts very precisely clearly concretely how he is measuring his variablesEx Optimism seeing the glass half fullOptimism obtaining a score of 50 and above on the Haddad Optimism Scale operational definition
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